Eric Landon McDuffie is literally a lifelong fly fisherman. He received his first Sears and Roebuck fly rod at the age of 3.  On a trip with Eric you can expect to hear about indigenous peoples, wild fish, Thomas Berry, and his work as a contemplative naturalist and fly fishing educator….and his grandpa who taught him how to fish.

Eric currently has two Masters degrees related to Environmental Education and was a science school teacher for many years.  He is currently working as an environmental educator, teaching contemplative fly fishing to people of all ages as a means for folks to reconnect with nature and what matters.

He is also working on a PHD in Spiritual Ecology within the Environmental Studies Department at Antioch University in Keene, New Hampshire. He hopes to build an eco-contemplative fly fishing practice to help connect all people to the sacred art of fly fishing while joyfully bonding within nature’s beauty.